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Dance With the Universe

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The vibrations contained within these songs are happy and uplifting! They have evolved throughout 10,000 years of an historic living tradition. These cosmic vibrations have been known to raise people’s consciousness to higher states. This music is a powerful type of spiritual healing which elevates the human spirit and transforms the negative to the positive. Sanskrit says so much with so few words. Namaste!

July 2009
Ajna Productions

Special: First Edition Award Winning CD! Available now, for a limited time only.

A bundled package on one disc with Music & Lyrics included:
Dance With the Universe; Vol. I, OM/Genesis
Dance With the Universe; Vol. II, Shanti/Revelation

Described as the first generation of a new revelation in music - download or order today.

One low price of just $16.99 (shipping and handling not included).

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Ajna Mission Statement

The purpose of Ajna is to revive ancient spiritual songs and bring them to the forefront of the modern era; launch and maintain a spiritual musical renaissance of happy and uplifting world music.

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Album Preview

Preview songs off of our latest album "Dance With the Universe" below. You can also purchase each song individually by selecting a song and then clicking the "Add Song to Cart" button.

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Individual songs are only $1 each and can be transferred over to your favorite MP3 players like an iPod or Zune or you can listen with your favorite music program on your computer.

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