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The new genre of music, "Skrit" founded by AJNA , is rooted in Sanskrit - the oldest living language of a divine nature. Songs based from this language were revealed to spiritual masters and refined over millennia. These masters would sit under trees, live in caves, commune with nature and dissect the spiritual and physical nature of sounds and their vibrations.

We have incorporated modern World Music rhythms with these ancient words. Rather than just plain chant, the idea is to move your body; to "chant-dance" as you individually interpret and respond to the music- connect the spiritual with the physical. We invite you to participate-to sing and dance with the music-resonate in harmony with your divine nature and realize your oneness with humanity. Join us in the rebirth of ancient songs. Letís begin the new musical age.

While members of different sects and religions believe God is theirs alone, in fact God dances and converses with everyone, everywhere, in all times and all places.

Our first CD of Skrit-Music, "Dance with the Universe" is currently available for purchase. The soon to be released sequel, "For those who Chant Dance" will be available shortly.





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