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How are AJNA's Songs Written?

The words synergistic polyphony or polyphonic synergy come to mind when we try to describe this magical merging of musical energies of diverse and often unknown origins. Ever since Les was a child he has been blessed with the ability to tune into the "Music of the Spheres", i.e., the ancient songs of the Divine which have surrounded us since the beginning of creation. Ross, on the other hand, listened to the diverse rhythms of the planet and the sounds of silence. The timeless Vedas have been referred to as the lighthouse of eternal wisdom that lead humankind to salvation and inspire us to supreme accomplishments.

The omnipresence of eternal Being is described in the Vedas as unmanifested and absolute. The ancients referred to its status as "That which was, is and always will be; when they say I am That, Thou art That". AJNA's music is mysteriously inspired by That in the divine forces of learning and music embodied and symbolized in the form of the Goddess Saraswati. Our music lyrics and songs are a small reflection of the manifested diversity which lies in the Eternal Supernal brilliant songs of the Divine.



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