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World Music - Have Guitar, Will Travel - Ross Carlson

"World Music" for the guitar. It's the lifelong interest of Ross Carlson.

Ross Allen Carlson was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico (The Land of Enchantment) December of 1954. He was raised under the influence of his mothers musical background-her grandmother played guitar and sung for the King of Norway in the late 1800's, her mother played piano at barn dances at the beginning of the 20th century and she played the piano until her mid 80's.

Ross first studied accordion and trumpet, but at age 13 turned his interest to the guitar. As a teen he played rock and blues on the electric guitar with a pick. After listening to Laurindo Almeida and Chet Atkins, he learned finger-picking on acoustic guitar and the love affair was set. From this time on his appetite became voracious for World Music rhythms and melodies for guitar.

In 1978, after graduating from CSULB (California State University, Long Beach) with a BA in Mathematics and English, he was hired by Pan American World Airlines as an international flight attendant. This allowed him the freedom to travel around the globe with his guitar, study World Music throughout the planet, and have plenty of time to practice and play.

He studied classical and flamenco guitar with Greg Coleman and Jose Tomas' during the early 80's. During this time he also studied arranging with the Dick Grove School of Music. Ross's early musical venues included playing duets with Greg Coleman to solo guitar performances for Rev. Robert Schuller.

To further his studies he attended MIT (Musicians Institute of Technology) in Hollywood, CA. He graduated in 1987 with another degree in Jazz Guitar. MIT allowed Ross to study and play with the nirvana of guitar players and teachers including Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Joe Diorio, Larry Carlton and Ron Eschete, among many others. He feels incredibly indebted to all of his teachers, without whom he would not have the knowledge passed to him. The opportunities at MIT are and were limitless. While attending MIT he also studied solo guitar arranging with Howard Heitmeyer.

After leaving MIT and Pan Am, Ross continued further classical guitar studies with Pepe and Celin Romero from 1988-1990. Ross then went on to start medical school in Lewisburg, West Virginia in the fall of 1990. While in medical school he studied charango and ronrocco daily for two months in Cochabamba, Bolivia during a surgical externship. In the course of medical school Ross would perform at weddings, churchs and solo venues, practice while on call or play during any other available free time- "you can find playing time or make time for music if you want and love it". He also played and edited the background music for several medical instruction videos.

In 1997, Ross started a medical practice of Neuromusculoskeletal and Alternative Medicine in Encinitas, CA. Always making time for music, in addition to his practice, he continued his studies of flamenco music with Paco Sevilla and worked as a part-time DJ for World Music Radio in San Diego. Ross also played with several local musicians on a recreational basis and continued playing solo guitar for weddings.

Teaming up with Les Martinez in 2005, Ross and Les developed Skrit Music - a combination of ancient Sanskrit songs and music lyrics with World Music Rhythms. ergo - Skrit music was born.

Ross has been a journeyman carpenter, international flight attendant and physician, but all the time a musician. His interest lies in the healing vibrations of music and touch - The Harmony and Vibration of Life or The Music of the Cosmos.

Ross has heard the rhythm in the hammer, the melody in the saw, seen the beauty of world harmony and felt the healing aspects of universal vibration. AJNA invites you to help us orchestrate a healing, nurturing planet with Skrit Music. Lets Dance with the Universe.


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