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Allan Phillips, our brilliant producer, superlative musician and wonderful friend told us he has played "Dance with the Universe" for a large diverse number of people from various World Music and spiritual backgrounds. He said these peoples' comments can be summarized like this: "They have never heard Sanskrit or any music which sounds vaguely like this unique music. In spite of not ever consciously hearing this before, this diverse group says the music makes them feel happy, uplifted and comfortable. They simultaneously feel energized and relaxed by these soothing vibrations. "The music makes them feel like they are at home, but not just any home. The music makes them feel as if they are in their Grandmothers kitchen eating the best home cooking they have ever eaten-because, like their Grandmothers food, the music of this CD is made of and filled with Love!"

Everybody loves this CD, from Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, Italy and Puerto Rico to New York City. This CD has universal appeal. They say, "This music is so familiar that you already know it before you listen to it for the first time".

He said he is expecting orders for the CD soon and will turn this information over to us when they are ready to purchase.

He is anxious to record more of our music soon. He is so bored now by the music he has been recording since we completed our CD. It is all so mundane and unexciting it seems like "elevator music". He was very pleased to know that the musicians who helped us record this CD all liked the final product. These opinions and approvals of the CD are from musical experts at the top of their various musical specialties. They are the "creme de la creme(the best of the best)".

Allan Phillips; musician, music producer; Carlsbad, CA

He said its relaxing and energetic. Hara Shiva Shankara soprano sax sounds like a double-reed middle eastern flute. He also says it is magical and creates a mood. He says he would be glad to work on the next CD's. He said this CD is excellent and wished us well.

John Rechvics; musician; San Diego, CA

Backup singer on "Dance with the Universe" and lead singer for her own group. Both she and her boyfriend love the CD. She likes it so much she is selling it along with her own CD at her gigs. The people who buy the CD all say they Love It!. The CD inspired her to write her term paper for a Cultural Anthropology class at SDSU on Sanskrit. She offered to set up shows for us in Sedona and sing with us.

Zasia Boczanowski; musician, singer; Sedona, AZ

The CD sounds fantastic and wonderful! This music is my link to my nephew who passed away during the recording session. The recording time was healing for all the back up singers. Being part of this CD was truly inspirational. It was a very healing experience for all of us who were in the studio. There is no doubt in my mind that Sanskrit is very powerful, especially when it's put to great music, arranged by a master musician and sung by people with open hearts. Ross and Les, thank you for inviting us to be a part of this amazing project.

Coral MacFarland-Thuet; singer and professor, SDSU San Diego, CA

This CD is wonderful!

Marsha Jhen; singer, songwriter, musician; Fallbrook, CA

This CD is beautiful! Every song reveals a whole new world. My 4 year old daughter loves it. She rarely sits still, but when I play the CD she lays down next to the speaker and rocks back & forth to the music.

Ellyn Herr; high school teacher; Cardiff by the Sea, CA

We have owned this company for 26 years. Everyday we print and package up to 200,000 CDs and DVDs. We enjoy this CD so much that we wanted to be involved in this project. The graphics on this CD were the most intricate and artistically complete of any we have ever printed. Joe has volunteered for the first time in 26 years to personally make a DVD free of charge to go along with Guru Brahma. He may do others if time allows.

Joe and Kathy Meidlinger; Owners of CD Technical and Co. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I adopted a new born baby in July, 2007. When I brought her home she was crying constantly. I could not get her to settle down and stop crying. Then I put on the CD. Within five minutes the baby was quiet and smiling. When I first heard the CD I had a few favorites. Now, I love every song. I can't wait for the next CD and the next. I have never heard any music like this or any Sanskrit music before. Thank you for sharing this unique and enjoyable CD. I have been playing the CD every day for my children and myself.

Karen McKillip; nurse practitioner; Boston, MA

I had not been able to sleep through the night for 10 years until I listened to this CD.

Ben Breglia; investment banker; Long Island NY

Thank you for the CD. Great job! We enjoy dancing to your beautiful music. I think it brings extreme positive force to anyone who hears these World Music melodies. Where can we buy more copies? Where can I see you play?

Anastasia Swift; photographer; San Diego, CA

The CD is fabulous-uplifting and soothing. I love it!

Raissa Danilova; actress, translator, interpreter; Siberia, Russia

I was charmed. It is incredible! I really love the CD. It makes me happy! The ancient and modern are combined magically.

Deborah Alagna; business broker; Laguna Hills, CA

I love the CD. I will play it in my classes. I believe it has healing qualities.

Lenore Johnson; classical piano teacher, therapy instructor; Vista, CA

I want you to know how much I enjoy your CD from "AJNA". I keep playing it over and over because it is so full of joy.

Betty Swift; horse breeder; Jamul, CA

Appreciate your CD so much! Sounds so professional and soothing to the ears. We'll enjoy some listening time.

Betty Tucker; realtor; Lakeland, TN

I have had this CD since June, 2007. I keep it in my car and play it very often while I am driving. I find this CD completely uplifting! It moves me into a heightened state of awareness of my higher self and brings me into the present moment. I especially like Sri Sri Laksmi, Om Namo Narayana Om, Narayan and Shiva Shankara Karo.

I utilized this CD while I was teaching part one of an Art of Living course in Rancho Bernardo, CA on November 2-4, 2007 (Rancho Bernardo was one of the communities in San Diego County where the worst wild fire damage occurred). I played the CD during the course in order to bring it's happy uplifting vibrations into a community of people who had survived the frightening chaos of the fire which caused the loss of a huge number of homes. The CD helped to alleviate the Post Traumatic Stress depression of these people who lost their homes and spirit.

Tom Johnson; senior (AOL) Art of Living teacher; Del Mar, CA

Thank you for the 2 CD's of your music. I'm sure your music is healing and they're now part of my new therapeutic regime.

Barbara Beasley; nurse practitioner; Boulder, CO

Sri Sri recorded his commentary on the first 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. This book has been described as "the Light of Life, lit by God at the altar of man to save humanity from the darkness of ignorance and suffering. It is a scripture which outlives time, and can be acknowledged as indispensable to the life of any man(or woman) in any age. It is the encyclopedia of life".

During the commentary on Chapter One Sri Sri said roughly...If someone can bring happy and uplifting music into the world in the midst of chaos and war, that music is Gita. The Mahabarata describes a time of turbulent widespread chaos and war. Bhagavad means brilliant and Gita means song. The music that brings harmony in times of chaos and war is the brilliant "Song of the Divine".

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; founder-(AOL)Art of Living Foundation Pacific Palisades, CA; 8-13-07

This CD, "Dance with the Universe", is happy, bubbly and uplifting.

Raj Sri Patel; (AOL) Art of Living advanced course senior teacher Malibu, CA

This CD is wonderful! It represents a new order of magnitude for spiritual music.

Jim Farrow, M.D.; Chairman of the Board-(AOL)Art of Living Foundation: Carmel Valley, CA

"'Sanskrit is to language as Bach is to music, something estimable, 'complete, incomparable'..." Both heal the soul through the highest expression of heavenly peace, love, joy and happiness to awaken the divinity within all.

Richard Wagner; 19th Century Composer

This music open a portal to the divine. It is happy and uplifting, combining new World Music rhythms and melodies with ancient Sanskrit songs.

Dr. Ross Carlson and Dr. Les Martinez; Encinitas, CA


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